Why Kids Love Winnie the Pooh

Published: 03rd October 2011
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When looking for a fun, classic, timeless theme for your next kids party, consider Winnie the Pooh. Kids love Pooh Bear and the gang from 100 Acres Wood. Generation after generation has fallen in love with the golden bear with his insatiable craving for honey crafted by the pen of A. A. Milne.

It’s easy to see why kids love Winnie the Pooh…

- The characters are well-written, three dimensional, and identifiable. They’re all so loveable and huggable and have their own unique personalities.

- The world of 100 Acres Wood is completely non-threatening. Everyone lives in peace and harmony and are respectful of each other.

- The cast of characters are fun and happy and make you happy.

- Pooh and friends are such children themselves. Their naivety is charming and it adds depth to their friendships and camaraderie.

- There’s a collective innocence to the residents of 100 Acres Woods. Problems are easy to solve and nothing is too bad to overcome or deal with.

- Look at Winnie the Pooh, or Pooh Bear to his friends. His one goal in life is to fill his rumblee tumblee with as much honey as he can possibly consume. He’s loyal to the end and loves his friends.

- Eeyore is a popular and favorite character. The little donkey is often gloomy and down, but it’s mostly because he keeps losing his tail. He relies on his friends to keep him from getting lost and finding the right direction.

- Tigger is a bouncy, gleeful, over-caffeinated tiger-like creature who makes everyone laugh with his buoyant personality that literally bowls you over. The most wonderful thing about Tigger is he’s the only one, as the story clearly says. We all love Tigger’s energy and enthusiasm.

- Piglet may be a little guy, but he’s one of the bravest animals in 100 Acres Woods. He lives for adventures with his friend Pooh and we can’t get enough of them together. His childish love of balloons and blowing dandelions makes kids smile and gives adults a glimpse back at precious memories.

- While Rabbit thinks he’s the smartest of the bunch—and tells everyone—he’s just as loveable as the rest of the crew. He’s focused and organized and watches out for his friends. We could all use a Rabbit in our lives.

- Kanga and Roo represent the motherly care and love that children of all ages appreciate. Kanga’s warm personality makes kids want to crawl into the pouch with Roo.

- Christopher Robin is the universal kid. He’s smart, happy, and has an amazing imagination. Kids identify with his connection with his menagerie of stuffed with fluff friends.

- Owl’s the intellectual that fills in all the details of what’s going on and what might happen. He has the answer to every question and the cleverest way to get out of any situation. All kids want to be as smart as Owl.

The humor and innocence of Winnie the Pooh and his friends keeps kids coming generation after generation to the imagination of 100 Acres Wood. For kids, it’s something to relate to and for adults, it’s a lovely walk down childhood memory lane.

Criss White is a professional writer that enjoys winnie the pooh baby shower parties and also writes about other baby shower ideas. Criss loves Winnie the Pooh and other Disney characters.

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