When is the best age to baptize your baby or toddler?

Published: 02nd June 2010
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How do you choose the right time to baptize your baby? There is no concrete answer to this query. It's a matter of choice and what is the proper timing for you and your child.

Below are several ideas that may help you with your final choice:

If you joined a church you might talk to your preacher or church leader and discuss with him or her the tenets of that specific faith.

You might decide to do some detailed research on your own. There are many books and publications that concern Baptism.

The most commonly accepted description of the word 'baptism' is "........ a ceremony of washing with water as a symbol of religious purification and consecration".

Why do you want to have your little one baptized? Possibly because you are debating a naming celebration or a reason for a party? A baby is named when their entering the world is registered. A party is a celebration, and surely the birth of your baby is deserving of a get together and thankfulness for his or her safe birth - but it is not imperative to go to the lengths of a baptism for this.

Some groups believe a child should be granted a choice in their religion. Those families may wait to baptize their son or daughter until he or she is old enough to have an educated voice in the decision. To this end you may choose to host a Dedication event where the baby meets the 'church family', his or her name is proclaimed, and then there is a party or get together to rejoice in the coming of the baby. Luckily, you don't have to worry about an age cut-off for baptisms, nor is there a 'best before date' that must be taken into account.

If you have an understanding of the commitment needed for the baptism of your child, the godparents able to act on the child's behalf, and the authorization of your priest or church leader, then you should decide to have the ceremony.

Your other option is to delay until the child is old enough to help with an opinion. In that case, there's no rush for a baptism ritual.

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