Unique Ways to Word Your Wedding Invite

Published: 02nd July 2010
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A wedding invite ought to match the tone and personality of the occasion and the couple. For some couples, this means a traditional invite with traditional wording. However, some couples feel it prudent to express how happy they are in a unique way in their wedding invitation. That can be achieved through the words you use.

The critical part of the invitation wording, of course, is the who, what, when and where. Once those aspects have been included, the options in composition are endless. Maybe the most challenging, and still most extraordinary, alternative is for the happy couple to compose the invite themselves. Writing their very own poem or individual phrase gives them a chance to share their emotions with their invited revelers. If the pair wishes to write their own vows, the invitation could foreshadow a phrase of what they have written. But, many folks are not sure about writing, specifically not something so dear to them.

If the wedding has a theme, then the invite should relay that. For a Hawaiian theme, the invitation could be composed in both English and Hawaiian. For a dungeons and dragons theme, the invitation could be phrased in old English. Another choice is to reference a big moment in the couple's engagement. For instance, if the bride and groom got engaged on a holiday excursion, the words of the invite could reflect the locale. For a bride and groom fond of hair-raising things such as bungee jumping, the invitation could mention "taking a leap."

Quotes are a good way to personalize an invitation, but a pair can easily make a quote unique with an individual line that pertains to their circumstances. If the happy couple has a unique connection to a specific movie or piece of music, utilizing a line will let all invited become aware of the special moment. A couple with a quirky sense of humor might even use a scene from "Sleepless in Seattle" or "The Princess Bride." A quote from the tune the couple plans to enjoy for their initial dance as newlyweds would give a lovely continuity.

Myriad folks use lines from Shakespeare or Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Still, a great number of people have never been informed that Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson both wrote love poems aside from their moodier works. A couple that's concerned with the environment might find that a quote from a Walt Whitman poem meets their sensibilities.

A religious ceremony doesn't have to be boring. Most people think the Song of Solomon to be one of the most romantic works ever written. A stanza from this section of the Bible could help a couple share their beliefs and their hopes for the future at the same time.

The aspect most critical when creating the wedding invite, other than the date and time of the event, is that the words come from the heart. Whether the couple is hoping for a light and entertaining atmosphere, or a deeply sentimental setting, the bride and groom should remain true to their character. If they manage that, then the invitation will always be special.

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