Traditional Gifts for a 30th Anniversary

Published: 30th September 2011
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For the couple who is celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary they deserve much more than just a pat on the back. Every day for 30 years these two people have seen each other and know one another better than anyone else in the world. Quite an accomplishment! For a couple that is so strong, it can be hard to find them something that is suitable for their 30 years together.

Pearls are the traditional gifts of choice to celebrate a 30th wedding anniversary. The idea is to find the perfect gift for the couple that is made of or designed around a pearl. Here are some pearl gift ideas for a 30th wedding anniversary:

Personalized fluted wine glasses, with pearls in the stems

These wine glasses can be personalized with the name of each spouse on the glasses, or the date of their wedding anniversary. The pearls in the stems are a great reminder of 30 years.

Picture frame adorned with a border of pearls

A picture frame that is decorated with pearls and perhaps personalized with the coupleís names and the date of their anniversary is a great touch! It is even better if you can include the wedding picture of the couple from 30 years ago.

Pearl inlaid jewelry box for the couple to share

A his and hers jewelry box that has pearl coloring or pearl decorations is a great way for the couple to share together. Personalizing the box can take this gift above and beyond.

Pearl earrings or a necklace (female)

For the wife celebrating a 30 year anniversary, jewelry that is made of pearls is always welcome.

Pearl cufflinks (male)

For the male who is celebrating a 30 year anniversary, cuff links are a great way for him to remember his anniversary anytime he dresses up.

Mother of pearl bowl

A mother of pearl bowl is a great addition to the china cabinet of the happy couple.

Pearl inlaid vase

A pearl inlaid vase is a beautiful decoration piece in the home of the couple that might seem perfect.

These are just a few suggestions if your parents, close family friends, or even one of your children is celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. It is important for the couple to purchase a gift for one another to celebrate the love that is between them. If you are seeking to give your spouse a special gift for your anniversary, here are some ideas that have a traditional feel to them:

Black and pink pearl jewelry (female)

Single Swarovski pearl

A trip to a pearling destination together

There are plenty of other gifts that only a spouse would know their partner will appreciate on such a special occasion. A few weeks prior to your anniversary start listening for clues from your partner as to what they want or have a need for. Perhaps they are secretly sending you hints about going to dinner at a nice restaurant, or taking a second honeymoon. The smallest comments can give you some great insight as to what the perfect gift for your 30th wedding anniversary could be.

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