The Hello Kitty Story: How Hello Kitty Became so Popular

Published: 06th October 2011
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Hello Kitty is the most famous character created by Japanese company Sanrio. It was born in Tokyo in 1974 to become a worldwide favorite very fast.

In the beginning, Hello Kitty was to be called Kitty White, as one of the kittens described in Through the Looking-Glass. The name was chosen as English literature became very popular in Japan at the time. This proposal was turned down, however.

Hello Kitty is a stylized female kitten that lives and has fun in London. One intriguing fact is that Hello Kitty lacks a mouth. This was done on purpose – the lack of mouth lets people project their emotions onto the character.

The first product featuring the Hello Kitty image was a small and very inexpensive vinyl purse. Today, Hello Kitty products generate about 500 million dollars annual profit.

Other characters live in the world of Hello Kitty. These characters include family and numerous friends. In 2004, Hello Kitty got her pets – a kitty and a hamster. Hello Kitty’s father is called George White and her mom is Mary. Hello Kitty has a sister named Mimmy, who happens to be the character’s best friend.

The number of market products carrying the image of Hello Kitty is large. This character has become tremendously popular in the US. Initially, Hello Kitty products targeted young girls but today the kitten has appealed to fans worldwide and regardless of age.

Hello Kitty decorates memorabilia, foods, clothes, cosmetic products, computers and even airplanes. Celebrities have endorsed Hello Kitty, as well. Mariah Carey, Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton and various other stars have worn Hello Kitty outfits.

In Japan, Hello Kitty has affected nearly every aspect of life. Teens and adults alike fall in love with the childish, sweet image of the kitten. All kinds of outfits, including Hello Kitty wedding dresses are available.

MasterCard features Hello Kitty on its debit cards since 2004. The card is dedicated to the needs of young girls who are learning how to make such financial transactions.

Hello Kitty video games and anime movies have been created, as well. The earliest cartoon series featuring the character came into existence in 1991. The production was cooperation between the USA and Japan.

Various famous designers have used the Hello Kitty image and have been inspired by the cute Japanese kitten. Victoria Couture’s models wore Hello Kitty masks during a 2007 fashion review.

The little white kitten is a cultural phenomenon. In 2007, policemen in Taiwan, who had committed some kind of minor violation became obliged to wear a Hello Kitty symbol for several days.

Coins carrying the Hello Kitty image have been minted, as well. The price of a single Hello Kitty silver coin can reach up to 1100 dollars.

A Hello Kitty dream wedding was held in Hong Kong in February 2007. The wedding took place in Hong Kong’s railway. The train that transported the happy couple came with very special decorations, as well.

Even today, the Hello Kitty craze is continuing. You can discover dozens of objects, including outfits, baby shower party decorations and gifts, video games and other accessories. Hello Kitty remains a tremendously popular accessory for both children and adults.

Criss White writes about babies and party topics and is a Hello Kitty fan. Check out Criss's article on hosting a hello kitty baby shower on Criss's website about baby shower ideas.

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