Ideas for Asian Baby Shower

Published: 05th October 2011
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An Asian-themed baby shower will look beautiful and will get guests acquainted with a new culture. This baby shower will be very appropriate if the mom-to-be or the dad-to-be are of Asian origin.

The orient has long attracted and intrigued people. Its wise philosophies, spiritual practices, cuisine and habits hold some deep wisdom inside, making everything Asian-themed extra special.

Throwing an Asian baby shower will be easy, since you can discover various types of party supplies. Getting the invitations and decorations prepared will be uncomplicated and exceptionally fun.

Invitation Design
The invitation has to reflect on the theme of the party. This is the first thing that guests get and it acts as a trend-setter. The visuals and font you choose will help you communicate information about the theme of the party.

Choose calligraphic fonts. They are very suitable if the theme is Arabic. Other fonts are designed to look Japanese or Chinese. You can also consult a graphic designer or a printing company about the most appropriate font to use.

Keep in mind that the font should remain legible. Use decorative letters for the heading only.

Visuals will also show that the theme is an Asian one. Use the image of lanterns, dragons, bamboo or the beautiful patterns that appear on traditional Asian clothing. The invitation itself could be cut in a specific shape to be more original.

If you want to have more fun, you can announce a dress code in the invitation. Having guests dressed in a certain way will help you set the mood even better.

Asian Decorations
Decorations are very important when trying to create a certain baby shower theme. You can purchase such from a Chinese shop or a party decoration store. Asian themes are rather popular and various types of decorations will be available.

If you want to have floral decorations, orchids will be most appropriate, they create instant connection to the beautiful Asian nature. Have orchid table centerpieces. These delicate flowers will look great in combination with candles and pebbles.

Red is a good color to use. Red tablecloths featuring gold decorations can turn into very attractive decorations on their own. Dragon images and symbols can be utilized effectively, as well.

Traditional lanterns are another wonderful option that you have.

Colorful paper, cherry blossom decorations, bamboo and origami decorations will also help you set the right mood.

The Menu
The food you choose will contribute to the theme, as well. The easiest option you can go with is Chinese food. Everybody loves Chinese food, it is diverse and inexpensive. You can never go wrong by picking a Chinese menu.

A sushi-themed baby shower will focus on the food itself, while keeping the tone Asian.

You can also have a tea ceremony demonstration to get guests acquainted with the beautiful traditions of Japan.

To wrap it up, have a platter of fortune cookies available. They are a fun way to add some excitement to the buffet and to get guests involved.

Asian themes result in beautiful and pleasing baby showers. The decorations, food, music and activities you choose will take guests to a distant place. Try to work on even the tiniest of details this is the only way to make sure that everyone will be able to believe in the fairytale.

Criss White writes about babies and party topics like baby shower invitation wording and other baby shower ideas. Criss enjoys making food and hosting parties when not writing.

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