How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitation

Published: 23rd June 2010
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Nowadays, when you are footing the bill for a wedding, expenses pile up, and it appears like the world is just waiting to drain your wallet for more money. Wedding invitations are often more costly than expected; you'd be surprised how much commercial card printers will ask for them.

Because invitations are for every couple's own needs and have to printed in bulk, the whole thing can grow into a huge cost. Creating them yourself should prevent some cost, especially if you try something creative. And even if your budget is unlimited, the do-it-yourself creation will offer you limitless options for just the perfect look.

Pick Your Material

This is probably the initial and most critical step, because it will determine your design and how you will envision the end product. You can choose the size, the intensity, the feel, the weight... options are endless. Your selections are limitless, but your safest bet is the print shop, or, if you look forward to do it at home, try your local art supply store.

Software - It's All Available

Before you go out looking for specialized software, you should take a look at programs you've already got; the average computer is offered ready with plenty of tools to make pretty much anything. Microsoft Office offers standard tools to put together graphics and words, which is precisely the thing. Considering layout options and pictures, you can easily find a variety online. It's easy to find and you can even download really beautiful fonts customized for your own style.

Use Pictures

A typical way of creating an individual invitation is to integrate photos of the wedding couple into it. You can find them online, and sites like give you an opportunity to choose prints of any photo in a selection of sizes and borders, which you can choose to create the complete invitation or just show in a part in it. If your favorites need touching up, you can fix that in Photoshop. But there are very good free options like Picasa or Gimp for instance. With such software, you'll be able to make your photo black and white, play with the exposure, or remove red-eye for example. A nice picture all but guarantees that most guests will frame the creation as a souvenir.

Original Packages

Designing your own is a perfect opportunity to think outside of the box; the only thing required of your invitation is that you have to make it fit into an envelope. Examples of what you can do include scrolls, invitations in a bottle (both of which can be challenging to ship), origami-type folded invites in one piece, so any inserts don't get lost, fake paper clippings, etc... These uncommon invitations are a bit frightening because you have no way of knowing how the recipient will respond to it, but they are often a hit.

Making your wedding invitations is a pretty creative project. It is not suited for everybody, considering the time, creativity and skills it may require. But once you opt to give it a shot, it usually ends up being a great creative outlet, and it is a great way to get in wedding mood early on.

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