Birthday Party Ideas for Senior Citizens

Published: 03rd October 2011
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Many people believe that once you get to a certain age a birthday becomes another wrinkle on their forehead, or another grey hair on their head. This just isnít the case! There are many senior citizens who look forward to their birthday almost as much as they did when they were young children. A birthday becomes a milestone and a triumph when you reach a certain age.

For families that have a senior citizen getting ready to celebrate a birthday there are many ways that you can make their day just a little more special and memorable. You donít have to have an elaborate birthday party, unless that is what you think they would like, just a meaningful thought that can remind them of how cherished they are to you.

There are four main factors to have a successful birthday party for any senior citizen:


Many senior citizens have lots of friends and family. Consider having a gathering at your local senior center, where everyone can join in the celebration. Send out invitations to their closest friends and all their family, oftentimes they will appreciate just being around the people they care about for their birthday. For the senior who prefers a relaxed birthday event, you can have just the immediate family and just a few of their friends to join in for a more intimate celebration.


Since it is their birthday it is best to have foods that the birthday boy or girl will appreciate and like. A meal does not have to be elaborate to be a success. Sandwiches or chicken and potatoes are always great, and be sure that you donít forget coffee and cake! Keep in mind the number of guests that are going to be in attendance if you are planning a meal and ordering a cake, everyone needs a piece!


For entertainment at the part you can offer various activities that are favorites for the birthday senior. Some like to listen to live music and dance, others enjoy playing cards, and some even like watching old movies. Whatever hobby the birthday senior enjoys participating in will always be appreciated and enjoyed.


Decorations for senior citizens to not have to be elaborate either. Many will enjoy simple balloons and streamers. However, if you want to get creative you can create centerpieces have personalized tablecloths. It might even be a good idea to create a slideshow or collage of the birthday boy or girlís life and of their friends and family wishing them happy birthday! This is an idea that they can even keep with them long after the party is over.

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate the birthday of a senior. Keep in mind however, that some activities or locations for a party may not be appreciated or accessible for older seniors that have trouble moving a lot.

The idea behind a senior birthday party is to celebrate the long life of the individual, and the respect and admiration others have for them. Despite this some seniors still want to party like they were kids, so make it fun!

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