5 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Published: 03rd October 2011
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Pregnancy is the perfect time to take care of yourself, spiritually, physically, and emotionally while your body is nurturing and growing a new baby. Your regular routine won’t work for these nine months. You need to pay attention to what your body tells you at all times. And, you need to heed the advice of your doctor. A healthy pregnancy means a healthy baby. Here are 5 tips for a healthy pregnancy.

1. You should drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated and keep your body from overheating. Water is an essential nutrient not only for the mother’s body, but your baby benefits from it, as well. Check with your doctor and keep a water bottle handy with you.

2. Eat well balanced, healthy, and nutritious meals. There are a lot of warnings and urban legends about what you can and can’t eat while you’re pregnant. Be smart and settle on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nutrients, whole grains, proteins, chicken, fish, milk, egg, and other items that aid the body in strong development. You don’t have to gain a lot of weight during your pregnancy when you’re "eating for two." Also, avoid contact with foods that may carry toxoplasmosis like raw meats and some cheeses. Make sure to cook all meats to the proper temperature.

3. Take your vitamins. Consult with your doctor, nurse, nutritionist, or other health care professionals about what vitamins may be best for you and your needs. Pick a multi-vitamin and stick to a daily regimen for you and your baby. Things to focus on for extra supplement are iron, calcium, folic acid, to name a few. Find what’s best for you.

4. Exercise is your friend. Without going to the extreme or doing anything too strenuous, you can work regular exercise into your daily and weekly routine while pregnant. If you start an exercise routine during your pregnancy will help you shed those unwanted baby pounds after your little bundle is born. Don’t participate in anything extreme, thrill-seeking, dangerous, or organized. Keep to simple stretches, walking, yoga, or swimming.

5. Say no to smoking, alcohol, and caffeine. While it’s generally a good health rule to avoid these items, it’s essentially beneficial during your pregnancy to stay smoke-free, alcohol-free, and caffeine reduced. Some research has shown that too much caffeine during pregnancy can lead to a low weight baby. Drinking while pregnant can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome, which can cause growth and mental retardation, heart defects, or behavioral issues down the road. Remember, anything you put into your body is eventually going to make it to your baby. You shouldn’t consume anything you don’t want passed on.

As always, visit your doctor often for the proper and necessary tests and evaluations during pregnancy and listen to their advice. Check with them before starting any exercise or diet program.

Criss White is a professional writer that writes about pregnancy and baby topics like planning boy baby shower parties and other fun baby shower ideas. Criss enjoys hosting parties for friends and family when not writing.

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